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Why do bees make honey?

Like many other living organisms, bees need food. And to get their nutritional requirements they collect flower nectar and pollen and water. As pollen is the main source of protein needed for brood production and the growth of young bees, it provides fat, minerals, and vitamins necessary for food. It also includes calcium, copper, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. As for honey, which bees produce from nectar, it represents the main source of carbohydrates needed to provide the energy for several things such as flying, protecting the kingdom, and doing the usual daily activities. Without the carbohydrates, the bees will die within a few days

Honey is stored as the main food source for the kingdom to survive during a time when bees can’t get nectar for several reasons, such as the unavailability of certain flowers during the winter season in the temperate and northern regions between October and March. Or due to periods of drought such as those prevailing in tropical countries. Or as the result of the inability of bees to leave the hive to harvest nectar, due to the low temperatures, rainfall, or other unsuitable weather conditions

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